Quality Management

From the reception of the merchandise and during its various processes to the final product, rigorous quality control and food safety are maintained, avoiding at all times the breakdown of the cold chain in order to offer the highest quality in all our articles.

The process
Security and Quality
Safety and quality are central and essential aspects of the fish trade, both at consumer and wholesale level. For this reason, this subject is one of those that, in our company, has as a priority and in continuous progress. Fish and fishery products are presented as a very special case due to the large number of species, the different origins of production and the wide range of presentations of products made with very varied processing techniques.
Professional human team
Our quality department is made up of a fully qualified human team to enforce any sanitary requirement and ensure optimum quality for the marketing of our products, always being in continuous training to acquire solid knowledge on the aspects of national and international regulations that affect the fishing sector. We have a complete and modern system that, along with proper identification and labeling, allows us to maintain full control over the traceability of our products.
HACCP System
The implementation of the HACCP system in Beltrán Adell, analyzes the possible dangers of contamination or deterioration of the products and establishes the preventive, control and surveillance measures to avoid harm to the consumer. All this establishes a commitment that is defined in a policy of seriousness and a constant effort to maintain the high level of quality of our products, ensuring their food safety.
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