Fresh fish from the Mediterranean, Cantabrian, Portugal and Morocco

We have highly experienced personnel who are in charge, directly, of the purchase in the markets, which allows us to receive, on a daily basis, a great variety of high quality species and unbeatable freshness coming from the main fishing ports of the country, mainly from the that make up the total of the Spanish Mediterranean coast, this makes us one of the leading companies in the commercialization of fresh fish.

After passing the mandatory quality and freshness controls imposed by our company, the different products are classified and repackaged in our handling rooms, strictly complying with all the standards of quality, labeling and traceability required by current legislation.

Supply markets
The location of our companies means that we can fully control purchases throughout the Mediterranean coastline, having access to a great diversity of species of the different fishing gear developed in these ports, such as purse seine, trawling, longline, trammel, etc.
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