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Service, trust, professionalism and a long experience in the elaboration and commercialization of a great variety of frozen, fresh and elaborated fish.

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Beltrán Adell is a family oriented company founded in 1978, with a large network of clients spread worldwide.

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We have highly experienced personnel who are in charge, directly, of the purchase in the markets, which allows us to receive, on a daily basis, a great variety of high quality species and unbeatable freshness coming from the main fishing ports of the country, mainly from the that make up the total of the Spanish Mediterranean coast, this makes us one of the leading companies in the commercialization of fresh fish.

We offer elaborated products constantly seeking new forms of presentation and treatment with which to be able to obtain a final product in line with the needs of the market.
From the beginning, one of the main activities of our company is the distribution of frozen fish. We work with national products of own freezing and also with imported products from the best fishing grounds in the world.
Quality management
Quality and Safety are key priorities in the fishing industry, both at client and wholesale level. For that reason, in our firm we take this two as our top most priority and we will continue to improve both of them.
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